Why you should Impart your Dog with a Behavior Training for Better Companionship

It is no doubt that a puppy is playful and cute, but your puppy will not stay the same way you like as it grows. And there is every chance that your cute lovable puppy will grow into a ferocious adult dog if you do not care to train it on few behavioral aspects.

In fact, a well designed training is one of the integral parts of puppy care and once you impart your puppy the necessary behavioral training then what you can have will be a well behaved adult dog which can again be a source of pride and security.

When it comes to the right time of training your dog, you cannot have a right time other than the time at which the dog enters your home for the fist time. Further, the training should continue up to a definite time frame where your puppy can respond to your commands and start behaving politely or the way you command it to behave in a consistent manner and in this regard the success rate directly depends on your quality time spent on such training.

The Starter Pack

When you have decided to start off your behavioral training for your puppy, please bear in your mind that there are few thumb rules and the most important of it is that your commands are always to be consistent and should never contradict. For instance if you do not want your puppy to use your cot for sleeping, then never ever allow it even to sit on your cot and it will be a better idea to pre-empt your puppy’s behavior in advance.

Try to enforce all the rules as early as possible so that your puppy will start to get acquainted with them well ahead of time and before it could develop unwanted habits. A yet another rule is that you should always maintain your cool and at the same time be stern while correcting any of your puppy’s misbehaviors or mistakes and you can also try to give breaks for both of you to get cooled down.

The Break Point

When it comes to the attention and retention capabilities of puppies, especially during training sessions, the span will always be short and hence any of your training instructions should kept at a barest minimum time. For instance, a regular ten to fifteen minutes of time earmarked in a day can suffice for your puppy to learn initial behavioral aspects and as your puppy grow intellectually you can slowly increase the time frame a little.

In order to reap success at a faster rate, whenever you see you pup behaving properly, shower it with praise and few gifts in the form its favorite snacks or other eatables combined with positive and loving strokes. You should also make your puppy understand your expression and this will make your puppy behave more obediently in order to please you and to get the reward from you.

Before coming to a close, you must remember that patience is also a tool that can make your dog behavioral training a success and you can see your dog learning and behaving properly and present itself as an enjoyable companion for many years to come.





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